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SMC’s EZ Connect™g 2.4 GHz 54 Mbps Wireless PCI Card (SMC2802W) is a 54 Mbps wireless network adapter for desktop PCs that seamlessly integrates with existing Ethernet networks.

This solution offers a high data rate and reliable wireless connectivity with considerable cost savings over wired LANs (which include long-term maintenance overhead for cabling). Just install enough wireless access points to cover your network area,

plug wireless cards into your desktop computers, and start


Using this card in conjunction with SMC2870W wireless access points, you can create an instant network that integrates seamlessly with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LANs. Moving or

expanding your network is as easy as moving or installing additional access points – no wires!




Up to 54 Mbps data rate

Wireless connection without the hassles and cost of cabling

Greater flexibility to locate or move networked computers

Integrates with or replaces wired LANs at dramatically lower cost than wired alternatives

Seamless connectivity to wired Ethernet LANs augments existing networks quickly and easily

Easy installation

Working range up to 160 m (528 ft) at 54 Mbps, or up to 350 m (1,155 ft) at 1 Mbps for indoor communications

Direct Sequence Spread-Spectrum (DSSS) technology provides robust, interference-resistant and secure wireless connection

Supports a wide range of systems (Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP)


Provides a user-friendly interface for configuration

Enhances your network security with WEP data encryption

Removable antenna




EZ Connect wireless products offer fast and reliable network access for wireless clients in applications such as:


• Remote access to corporate network information

Email, file transfer, and terminal emulation

• Difficult-to-wire environments

Historic or old buildings, asbestos installations, and open areas where wiring is difficult to employ

• Frequently changing environments

Retailers, manufacturers, and banks who frequently rearrange the workplace and change location

• Temporary LANs for special projects or peak time

Trade shows, exhibitions, and construction sites that need to set up for a short time period. Retailers, airline, and shipping companies who need additional workstations for peak

periods. Auditors who require workgroups at customer sites

• Access to databases for mobile workers

Doctors, nurses, retailers, office workers who need access to databases while being mobile in a hospital, retail store, office,

campus etc.

SOHO users

SOHO (Small Office Home Office) users who need quick and easy installation of a small computer network

System Requirements

Before you install the SMC2802W Wireless PCI Card, check your system for the following requirements:

A computer with a bus-mastered PCI slot, and PCI card and socket services compliant with revision 2.2 of the PCI


Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP (have the Windows OS installation CD ready for use during driver installation)

A minimum of 6 Mbytes of free disk space for installing the driver and utility program

Another IEEE 802.11b/g compliant device installed in your network, such as the SMC2870W Wireless Access Point, or another computer with a wireless adapter



The SMC2802W Wireless PCI Card supports up to 54 Mbps connections. This card is fully compliant with the specifications defined in IEEE 802.11g standard. It is designed to complement

PCI Local Bus computers and supports Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP.



LED Indicators

The SMC2802W Wireless PCI Card includes two status LED indicators, as described in the following table.




• This network adapter requires a PC and BIOS that supports the PCI Local Bus Specification v2.2 or later. If you are installing in an older computer model, upgrade the BIOS to the latest version.

• Network cards are sensitive to static electricity. To protect the card, avoid touching its electrical

components and always touch the metal chassis of your computer before handling the card.

1. Switch off the computer, unplug the power cord, and remove the computer’s cover.

2. Select an available bus-mastering PCI slot and remove the cover bracket.

3. Detach the antenna from the SMC2802W Wireless PCI Card before inserting the card into a PCI slot.

4. Insert the network card into the slot so that it is firmly seated. Screw the card’s bracket securely into the computer’s chassis.


Note: Be careful that it does not touch any conducting parts on the computer motherboard.

5. Attach the antenna to the SMC2802W Wireless PCI Card.

6. Replace the chassis cover on your computer and power it on.

7. The SMC2802W Wireless PCI Card should be automatically configured by the host computer’s BIOS. However, if you have an older computer, you may have to manually configure the

computer’s BIOS settings.

8. The installation CD contains all drivers for this card. Please read the RELEASE.TXT file on the disk for a list of all drivers.

A text file is included with each driver to detail the proper installation procedure.

9. Install the Utility program for your SMC2802W Wireless PCI Card. The SETUP.EXE file of the utility program can be found on the CD.

10. Any new or updated drivers can be downloaded from SMC’s web site (see the back cover of this guide).




The SMC2802W EZ Installation Wizard and Documentation CD that comes with the package contains all the software drivers. Any new or updated software can be downloaded from SMC’s web

site at:


Using the Installation Wizard


  1. Insert the EZ Installation Wizard and Documentation CD into your CD-ROM drive. The program will auto-run. The Choose Setup Language window will appear, choose the language you want to use. Click OK.



2. Click the Install Driver/Utility option on the wizard. The EZ Installation Wizard will start installing files into your system, this may take a few minutes.



3. This message will then appear, click OK.



4. The InstallShield Wizard Complete message will appear, select No, then click Finish. Turn off your PC and plug the SMC2802W adapter into your computer.



Note: Please be sure to turn off your computer before inserting the adapter to avoid serious damage to your PC.


5. After inserting the adapter into the computer and turn your PC back on. Windows XP will automatically detect the new hardware and prompt you to install the driver. Check Install

the software automatically, and then click Next.



6. ClickContinue Anyway.”



Note:Do not select “STOP Installation,” as this will cancel the installation process, and the drivers will not be installed properly.